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Hawkesbury Valley Tourist Drives

An initiative of Tourism Hawkesbury Inc. these drives highlight the Hawkesbury's many historic buildings and townships, majestic river and national parks. Drives include:

Note(s): Most drives start at Windsor. Many of the historic buildings you will see are privately owned and lived in, so are not open for inspection.

Drive 1 - Bells Line of Road

Follow Windsor Road through Windsor and then Richmond Road to Richmond and North Richmond, thence Bells Line of Road to Kurrajong Heights, Bilpin, Mt. Tomah Botanical Gardens.

Optional side tours are available along the route.

Link leads off Drive 1

At Richmond proceed along Castlereagh Road to Springwood Road and follow this road across the Hawkesbury River at Yarramundi, then proceed to Hawkesbury Lookout for great views to Sydney over the Cumberland Plain.

Kurrajong Bellbirds

Drive 1 at Kurrajong Hills along Heritage Road and onto Mountain View Close and return. You should be able to hear bellbirds along this route.

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

This route passes several key landmarks and points and points of interest: Mt. Tomah Botanical Gardens, Mt. Wilson Gardens, Bilpin Orchards, Fruit Stalls, Kurrajong Heights: Grass Ski Park. Bellbird Hill Lookout. Townships for shopping including: North Richmond, Kurrajong, Richmond, Windsor, RAAF Base viewing area located between Richmond and Windsor. A Taste of History: Hobartville, Belmont (St. John of God Hospital), general streetscapes. Millstones from Singletons Mill in Kurrajong Village (near fire station).

Drive 2 - Historic Tour of the Hawkesbury River Lowlands

Follow Windsor Road to Thompson Square where the Hawkesbury River is crossed. Proceed along the Putty (Singleton) Road to Wilberforce and turn right into King Road. This leads you to Ebenezer where the route takes the Tizzana Road loop where it meets at Sackville Road at the Sackville Ferry. At this point you can turn left along Sackville Road and proceed to Ebenezer thence retrace your route to Wilberforce and Windsor. Alternatively, you can pick up Tourist Route 4 which offers a link between Routes 2 and 3, or 2 and 1.

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

The townships of Windsor and Richmond abound with historic features which makes history a natural focus. The early settlement by Europeans in the Hawkesbury Valley had its beginnings in a number of small settlements and towns that developed around the same time, downstream of Windsor on both sides of the river. This route takes in the historic nature of these villages and the great number of quality exhibits based on the National Trust Register. Those marked "*" can be viewed with short detour.

  • WINDSOR: Thompson Square, Hawkesbury Museum, Court House, *Tebbutts Observatory, South Creek, Hawkesbury River and Windsor Bridge
  • WILBERFORCE: Butterfly Farm, Hawkesbury Heritage Farm, Rose Cottage, former Police Station, *Anglican Church - St. Johns, *Macquarie Schoolhouse, *Burial ground
  • EBENEZER: Uniting Church and old schoolhouse, beach landing, graveyard
  • SACKVILLE REACH: Tizzana Winery, St. Thomas Anglican Church, graveyard and site of early St. Thomas Church, Methodist Church and Manse - viewed across river on Mud Island, Sackville Ferry

Drive 3 - Pitt Town, Wisemans Ferry, St Albans & Macdonald Valley

Turn off Windsor Road at McGraths Hill and proceed to Pitt Town along the Pitt Town Road than on to Wisemans Ferry. The route crosses the Hawkesbury River at this point and leads onto St. Albans. At the village of St. Albans cross the Macdonald River and follow Main Road No. 181 to the Webbs Creek Ferry. Cross the ferry back to the village of Wisemans Ferry and retrace your steps to McGraths Hill. Alternatively, you can pick up Tourist Route 4 at South Maroota which offers a link by picking up Route 2 at Sackville Ferry, or Route 1 at Kurrajong.

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

The following list shows the historic buildings and sites which this Drive passes. Those marked with "*" can be viewed with a short detour.

  • PITT TOWN: Blacksmith's Shop, Mulgrave Place and Grants (1794), *Bird In Hand Inn, *Macquarie Arms, *Anglican Church - St. James, Uniting Church - Scotts, site of Blighton Farm, *Former Manse of Ebenezer Church, *Public School, Cottages
  • CATTAI: Caddie (home of Arndell Family), Cattai National Park
  • MAROOTA SOUTH / MAROOTA: Views from roadside - section of Great North Road of convict construction
  • WISEMANS FERRY: Wisemans Inn (formally 'The Packets'), Anglican Church - St. Mary Magdalene, ferry crossing, Webbs Creek Ferry
  • ST. ALBANS: *Old Northern Road, Jurd's Cemetry, village area, Anglican Church, former Courthouse, gaol, police station, Settlers Arms Inn, St. Josephs Church ruins, St. Josephs Cemetry, Macdonald Valley / Wollombi landscape

Drive 4 - Link Route between Drives 1, 2 and 3

Link Route

This route links three other tourist drives. Intersect Drive 1 at Kurrajong. Drive 2 at Sackville Ferry and Drive 3 at South Maroota. Commencing at the intersection of Bells Line of Road and Comleroy Road at Kurrajong, the route follows East Kurrajong Road to the intersection of East Kurrajong Road and the Putty Road. The East Kurrajong Road Division 2 (Bullridge Road) turnoff is picked up on the right. Follow this to West Portland Road and thence down to Sackville Road at the Sackville Ferry. Crossing the Sackville Ferry, the route rises steeply and finally intersects the Pitt Town / Wisemans Ferry Road at South Maroota (The route can be followed in reverse to travel from Sackville Ferry to Kurrajong).

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

This link route will show you a wide range of countryside:

  • SOUTH MAROOTA: Farms and fruit stalls
  • NORTH SACKVILLE: High views of river from the road
  • EAST KURRAJONG ROAD: Small farms and extensive views of mountain foothills and views to Sydney.

Drive 5 - Scenic Route to Kurrajong

Optional side tours can be taken off the main drive. Follow signposts to Richmond and then Bells Line of Road to North Richmond. At the intersection of Bells Line of Road and Grose Vale Road at North Richmond lights, turn left and follow Grose Vale Road through Grose Vale and then onto Kurrajong Village. At the village turn off onto Old Bells Line of Road and follow it to the intersection of Bells Line of Road where Drive 1 can again be joined. 

Optional Route - Navua Reserve

Turn off route 5 at Grose Vale River Road and continue to Ashtons Road a left turn takes you to Navua Reserve.

Optional Route - Bowen Mountain

Turn off route 5 at Grose Vale. Proceed along Bowen Mountain Road and into Lt Bowen Drive. Walking trails to Kurrajong Heights can be found at the end of Lt. Bowen Drive.

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

  • KURRAJONG HEIGHTS: Antique, art and craft shops, eating houses, mill stones from Singleton's Mill
  • GROSE VALE ROAD: Mountain foothills, farms, Yeoman's Keyline dam system and the St. John of God Hospital "Belmont" on historic Richmond Hill

Drive 6 - Circular Drive around the townships of Windsor and Richmond

Proceed along the Windsor Road and cross the Hawkesbury River on the Windsor Bridge. Turn left into Freemans Reach Road and continue to Gorricks Lane and turn right and proceed past the Freemans Reach School. Follow Kurmond Road to Terrace Road. Turn left into Terrace Road and follow this to Bells Line of Road at North Richmond, where a left turn will take you back across the Hawkesbury River. Turn left into Old Kurrajong Road passing by the beautiful Pugh's Lagoon into Windsor Street, after driving through Richmond turn left into Murray Street and right at Francis Street left into Jersey Street, continue past the rear of the RAAF Base on Dight Street and turn left into Cuppits Lane. Continue to Cornwallis Road, turn right into Cornwallis Road. This eventually becomes Greenway Crescent. At Moses Street turn left and proceed to Tebbutt Street where a right turn is taken. Proceed down Tebbutt Street as far as George Street and proceed to the Mall. Turn right into Fitzgerald Street, left at Macquarie Street and continue to Bridge Street, where this Route ends.

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

This drive passes the following points of interest:

  • WINDSOR: Thompson Square, Hawkesbury River, Windsor Bridge, Wilberforce flats, farmland
  • TERRACE ROAD: Extensive views over Richmond, Hawkesbury River and the RAAF Base from Terrace Park
  • NORTH RICHMOND: Shops, Hawkesbury River at North Richmond
  • RICHMOND: St. Peters Anglican Church, Bowman's Cottage, National Parks and Wildlife Office, shopping, restaurants, food outlets, RAAF Base, Hobartville
  • WINDSOR COMMON: Farms, parks
  • WINDSOR: Hawkesbury Museum, Tourist & National Parks & Wildlife Information Centre in Thompsons Square, St. Matthews Church, Bell Inn and other historic cottages, Tebbutts Observatory
  • WINDSOR MALL: Shopping, walking tours, restaurants, food outlets

Drive 7 - Colo River and Wollemi National Park

This drive will take you along the Putty Road from Wilberforce, through Colo to Colo Park at Colo Heights. Turn left into Colo Heights Road and then right onto Upper Colo River Road. This leads through forest to the Colo River at Ward Park. Turn left onto Comleroy Road and continue to the Wheeny Creek area. You may choose to follow the Mountain Lagoon Road to link up with Tourist Drive No. 1 at Kurrajong, or continue along Comleroy Road to join Tourist Drive No. 4 at East Kurrajong Road.

Tourist Drive Scenic Highlights

Part A: To Colo Park

Commencing at Wilberforce on the Putty Road the route follows the Putty Road to Colo and then to Colo Park at Colo Heights. This section of the drive passes through scenic forestland and crosses the Colo River where facilities including caravans, camping, provisions, fuel, food, telephone etc are available. Picnic sites, canoeing, swimming and walking are available at the river crossing at "Riverside Tourist Park". A spectacular lookout created by the DMR some years ago is located along the Putty Road giving excellent views of the Colo River Valley with the timbered lands of the Wollemi National Park as a backdrop. At the intersection of the Putty Road with the Colo River, Colo Park is found on the right hand side of the highway. You have the option of proceeding up the Putty Road to Bob Turner's Track turn-off (for access to the River).

Part B: Comleroy Road

Turn left off the Putty Road onto Colo Heights Road. Continue to Upper Colo Road and turn right, thence left into Comleroy Road. This section of the route is reasonable quality gravel road and passes through Wollemi National Park and Parr State Recreation Area to the Colo River. The road is characterised by attractive tall forest in places and some views across the Wollemi and Blue Mountains National Park to the west. A Council operated camping ground is located at Upper Colo Reserve and picnicking, boating, walking and swimming are available. If you are not turning right to the reserve, continue on over the Upper Colo bridge at the river and turn right along Upper Colo Road turn left at Comleroy Road. Proceed to Kurrajong.

Part C: East Kurrajong Road

Travelling along the Comleroy Road through Wheeny Creek to the East Kurrajong Road (linked up with Tourist Drive No. 4) this section of the route passes through Wollemi National Park and has two spectacular lookouts. Picnic and camping facilities are available at Wheeny Creek Reserve.


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