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Tizzana - The Olive Branch
Food & Wine Details
Contact Name:  Peter and Carolyn Auld
Address:  Tizzana Winery
 518 Tizzana Road
 Ebenezer NSW 2756
Phone:  +61-2-45791150
Fax:  +61-2-45791216
For enquiries, email:  enquiries@tizzana.com.au
Website Address:  http://www.olives.tizzana.com.au/
Food & Wine Type:  Fresh Produce
Tizzana - The Olive Branch is located at Ebenezer

Tizzana - The Olive Branch






 First planted in 1996, Tizzana is currently growing 21 different olive varieties. Offering a range of pickled table olives (Spiced Olives and Tree Ripened Spiced Olives) and olive oil (Extra Virgin) when available. 
 Also have available a range of fruit in ports (Apricots in White Port, Figs in Port and Prunes in Port) under the Tizzana - The Olive Branch label.


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