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Fortunate Biscuits
Food & Wine Details
Contact Name:  Kathie Patrick
Address:  Factory Unit 14
 252 New Line Road
 Dural NSW 2158
Phone:  +61-2-96515206
Fax:  +61-2-96515208
For enquiries, email:  kathie@fortunatebiscuits.com
Website Address:  http://www.fortunatebiscuits.com/
Food & Wine Type:  Gourmet Products
Fortunate Biscuits is located at Dural

Fortunate Biscuits



Description: Local producer Fortunate Biscuits market the Gourmet Fortune Cookie to the corporate, retail, restaurant, hospitality industry and event markets. Our unique fortune cookie flavours, toppings and icings enhance the magic of each custom message of good fortune inside. Handmade custom cookies are also available for advertising, weddings, and promotions. Fortunate Gourmet Fortune Cookies are served as after dinner Fortune Cookies, Romantic Fortune Cookies, Café Fortune Cookies, Conference Fortune Cookies, Wedding Fortune Cookies, Children’s Fortune Cookies, Christmas Bon Bon Fortune Cookies, Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies even Marry Me Fortune Cookies.

Personalised and Customised Gourmet Fortune Cookies

Cut through the clutter and get your message really noticed with out gourmet fortune cookies. Choose from our new flavours to get that 'wow' impact! At last a fortune cookie that tastes great and enhances the message. Increase your sales. Its cost effective advertising and you won't see our cookies anywhere else. 100% of people who received a fortune cookies read the message.

Advertise your business with personalised and customised fortune cookies. Ideal for Marketing Events, Reward Programs, Promotions, Conferences, Trade Shows, Premium Gifts, Staff Rewards, Incentive Programs, Boardroom Treats, Parties, Premiers and Ceremonies, Christmas Parties and much more. Looking for the world's most versatile (and tasty) promotional product - think Fortunate and remember the name: because the messages are better and the taste is too!

New Flavours

Fortunate's Gourmet Fortune Cookies are available in a range of what we call base flavours. including vanilla, chocolate, ginger, cinnamon, pineapple, citrus zinger and our new flavours - coffee or raspberry whirl.

You can even add a topping of your choice: Cappuccino Cream, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Cream, Lemons and Oranges and Ginger Zest. Cookies are also chocolate coated in white, dark or milk chocolate. Super size cookies can also be made to order for special requests. Note: Orders over 100 can include your customised message for the occasion or your can buy from our selection of messages.

About Us

Fortunate Gourmet Fortune Cookies provide memorable, unique, customised quality fortune cookie ideas in distinctive packaging solutions that offer outstanding value for money from a friendly, helpful, customer focused, one-stop shop.

Our Gourmet Fortune Cookies

They’re hot, their new and they taste great! Fortunate manufactures Australia's ONLY gourmet fortune cookie so when you come to us you are choosing a quality gourmet product made with the finest ingredients. Fortunate Gourmet Fortune cookies taste like a delicious biscuit. Be assured your  clients, friends and guests will notice the taste difference with our gourmet fortune cookies and your message will have added impact. In fact, yum will be the first word that leaves their lips. We believe once you have tasted a Fortunate gourmet fortune cookie you won’t want to eat any other fortune cookie.

Ordering: We can deliver direct to you, wherever, you nominate the location, Australian wide.

  • We can also accept orders outside of Australia
  • A deposit of 50% must accompany your order



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