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Arkadian Bilpin Performers  
Community Details
Contact Name:  John Graham (President)
 Barbara Barnstable (Secretary)
Address:  Indian Cedars 
 2446 Bells Line Of Road
 Bilpin NSW 2758

 PO Box 181
 Kurrajong NSW 2758

Phone:  +61-2-45671169
Fax:  +61-2-
For enquiries, email:  graham392@ozemail.com.au
Website Address:  http://www.arkadian.com.au/
Community Type:  Visual Arts
Arkadian Bilpin Performers is located at Bilpin

Arkadian Bilpin Performers




Description: Arkadian Bilpin Performers is a Community theatre group bringing quality entertainment to Bilpin, the Hawkesbury & surrounding areas. The company was formed in 1996 and since then has put on 22 productions.

Arkadian Bilpin Performers

We perform many types of theatre productions, e.g. Comedies, Shakespearian, Dramas, Horror & Thrillers and Theatre-dinner shows. We have performed at many locations promoting the Hawkesbury, including the opening of the Old Windsor Hospital.

The Company is made up of a diverse range of local people with a good mix of men and women, young and old, experienced and new.

We are always looking for new members to keep the company "fresh" and there is always plenty of off-stage work for people who may feel a bit uncertain about taking their first steps on stage or who prefer that sort of involvement.

We also need company partners to sponsor productions in cash or kind. You are welcome to join us as a Supporting Member for a minimum donation of $25 p a. We would be interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in sponsoring us for a banner with their Logo printed on it.

At Stage West Drama Festival we have won Awards for Best supporting Actor, Best Costumes (twice), and Adjudicator's Special Award for the Best Contribution to the festival and Nominations for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director and Best production.

If you would like to be part of the Company please get in touch with the President at the address provided above. We would be very pleased to hear from you.


Hi Everyone:

Below is some information about our next Movie Presentation: we are trying to keep to the 2nd Saturday of each month. No movies will be shown in months where we are presenting a live play (next month likely for a play is August - so no movie that month). Please check our website for updates, photo & more information.

Make yourself at home at our movies: seats provided but, if you like, bring a cushion or your own chair. We aim to end the movie by 10.30 pm at the latest. See you there I hope.

Best wishes

John Graham
President / Arkadian Bilpin Performers

Movie: Adam's Rib - Classic Comedy (1949) starring Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy
Date: Saturday 11th June, 2005
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Bilpin District Hall
Tickets: Donation of $5 per person (includes membership of Film Group)- tickets at door.
Inquiries: 4567 7204

One of the best of the Tracy-Hepburn comedies and their sixth as a team. It is about husband and wife lawyers on opposing sides of the same attempted murder case. In her first major role, Judy Holiday is the defendant accused of trying to murder her philandering husband (Tom Ewell - later to star with Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch"). The wonderfully funny screen play is full of sublime observations on romantic expectations and the roles men and women play (or are expected to play) and Director George Cukor (who directed our last movie "Gaslight") deftly brings together slapstick, sophistication and romance to create Hollywood's archetypal battle-of-the-sexes comedy.


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