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Hawkesbury Waratah Festival  
Community Details
Contact Name:  Neil Kirby
Address:  C/- Yellow Rock Native Nursery Pty Ltd
 P.O. Box 4058
 Winmalee NSW 2777
Phone:  +61-2-4754 2637
For enquiries, email:  info@hawkesburywaratahfestival.org.au
Website Address:  http://www.hawkesburywaratahfestival.org.au/
Community Type:  Festivals
Hawkesbury Waratah Festival is located at Richmond

Hawkesbury Waratah Festival




Description:  The Hawkesbury Waratah Festival was first held in 1996. Its aim is to protect the waratah, the Floral Emblem of New South Wales by providing information and education to the public and schools.
 During recent years many named varieties of waratahs have been developed. They are superior in form and are widely grown commercially. This has eliminated the need for bush picking.
 Commercial growers and other people who have a strong desire to protect waratahs work hard to stage the Waratah Festival each year. Important support comes from sponsors whose contributions are sincerely appreciated.
 All the waratah blooms and plants used in the Festival are commercially grown under license


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