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Church of Life  
Activities Details
Minister:  Rev Dr Graham Bowers
Address:  6135 Wisemans Ferry Road
 Gunderman NSW 2775
Phone:  +61-2-45663331
Email:  rev_dr_g@churchoflife.com
Services:  Life Seminars
Sunday School:  
Denomination:  Christian
Activities Type:  Churches and Cemeteries

Church of Life is located at Gunderman

Church of Life


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The Church of Life was founded 10 years ago to help people who were struggling with the monster we call life and living. To help with this we conduct live-in seminars to help people with the life monster.

If you are in need, why not come to one of our retreats. Spend two days with us and talk about the issues facing you, listen to the issues facing others and start the healing process.Seminars are limited to just 10 people so they remain personal.


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