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Fernbrook Garden & Gallery
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Contact Name:  Elaine Musgrave
Address:  Queen Street
 Kurrajong Heights NSW 2758
Phone:  +61-2-45677330
Fax:  +61-2-45677330
For enquiries, email:  fernbrook@tpg.com.au
Website Address:  http://www.bluemts.com.au/fernbrook
Activities Type:  Attractions
Fernbrook Garden & Gallery is located at Kurrajong Heights

Fernbrook Garden & Gallery



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 The garden is the creation of horticulturist, Les Musgrave who has enhanced the natural beauty in a sensitive and artistic manner. This is a beautiful, rambling woodland garden to be enjoyed during all seasons. The gallery is the creative studio of well known botanical artist, Elaine Musgrave, and houses her finely detailed watercolour and graphite works on paper.

 Watch the artist at work!


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